One Chapter, One Night

Hello there! My name is Jack and I’m the author of ‘The Mardokites & Marlton’.


Every night I was home, and when my children were small, I would read to them. The books varied from genre to genre, and from child to child, but one rule remained the same. One chapter, one night. I’ve written three books in the series and I want to share them with you. Perhaps you may even read them to your own children (if you have them), as I had done myself, but the rule remains the same for us all. One chapter, one night.


I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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About Me

I’m Jack Ledbury.


I was born in Northumberland in the 1950’s, which doesn’t feel like all that long ago.

I’ve recently returned to my birthplace after years of living and working overseas, in cities as far apart as Houston, Singapore and Mumbai. My wife and three brilliant children have travelled with me when they haven’t been putting up with my all-to-frequent lengthy stays away from home.

I found myself inspired to write this story, a story like the ones I used to read my children when they were small. Reading to my kids at night was a real highlight of my day. I’m an avid reader myself, so I read everything I could to them, eventually running out of children’s story books. Not that this bothers the kids, they don’t mind the same story over and over, but I started making stories up.

In the beginning, the stories weren’t original, but rather slightly rude additions to old favorites to see if I could make them laugh. A flatulent fox in the tale of ‘Percy the Park Keeper’, as an example. My memories of two daughters in full giggle fit over a bed time story is precious to me.

Over time, the stories grew in length and character, as my children did. As young adults now, they’ve encouraged me to write these stories and share them with you.

My inspiration for this story is motivated by the imagination I had from boyhood, captured by Alnwick Castle and Lindisfarne Abbey. It’s a story of two young lads in the middle ages, and mysterious wizard, secret societies with suspicious intentions and even a chicken-herding dog.

I had a rule, when reading to my kids at night. That rule was simple; One chapter, one night. I’m going to be keeping to that theme with my story telling.

I hope you enjoy this, and I would love to hear some feedback if you have the time



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If you have any questions or inquiries, your welcome to contact me here!