A Deadly List

Learmouth laid the first parchment flat and began to read, at some of the names even he, gasped in amazement, at the top of the list was,

Lord Frankham Kings Chancellor

De’Merly Merchant Valorholm

Charnley Merchant Valorholm

Sir John Rochester

Bishop Gormley of Durham

Lord Norwich Kings Warden

Admiral Sullivan Kings Ships

Lord Glendenning Kings Guards

Sir Mitchel Fitzgerald

Rickmansworth Merchant York

Sir Rob McEwan Warden of the Boarders

Lord Lewisham Kings Council

Lord Mordridd


Thirteen traitors and thirteen pieces of silver to bind the traitors to their evil covenant. Learmouth smiled then thought to himself, knowledge is power! Now how shall I use it? He looked again at the parchments, shaking his head slowly from side to side in wonderment this faded yellowing parchment scroll was priceless! To the best of his knowledge these noble and powerful men had never met as a group, so how and when had they all signed the parchment and did they know of each other, and if they did would any know all of them? What would Learmouth do in Blackmorns place? He would never disclose all of it, and neither would Blackmorn while he was still sane and yet, he had the vaguest feeling of disquiet a nascent sense of foreboding, what was it that troubled him? The list was where it should have been, it had lain undisturbed  for decades he knew it was impossible to fake the accumulation of dust. The parchments were the correct age he’d forged enough in his time to recognise genuine aging when he saw it ,and yet there was something he had not yet recognised, what was it?

 Still, time enough, he thought, travel back North as soon as possible.  Could he trust the Crone with this knowledge, perhaps some of it, he reasoned, but he would keep some back for security, after all knowledge is power, and the power of blackmail one of the strongest, for this list was a death sentence  just as sure as winter follows autumn. Another thing was certain, for the moment only he, Learmouth, knew them all. Play the long game he thought to his  innermost secret Mardokite self.




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